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Buy & sell RECs
Simple. Quick. Traceable.
Fuel Switch simplifies the certification, trading and redemption of renewable energy certificates.
Fuel Switch is:
  • A marketplace. A user-friendly willing buyer-willing seller marketplace to trade with limit or market orders.
  • Integrated with registries. Certification and redemptions are approved by your registry via our registry portal.
  • Traceable. A distributed ledger keeps a permanent record of all RECs issued, traded and redeemed on Fuel Switch.
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Administrating Investment
Brokers & Funds.
Our work at Everest Wealth simplifies their interaction with brokers with an admin portal.
The solution:
  • Reliable record-keeping. A user-friendly platform where brokers can log lead & investor records.
  • Improves consistency. An automated process of quote creation to ensure all brokers offer consistent documents.
  • Easy to use. Intuitive and on-brand sign up and navigation between functions.
Everest logo
Track the IP usage of NFTs.
The IMDb of Web3.
NFDb brings NFTs to life, curates and verifies NFT IP usage, and ease the process of licensing NFTs.
NFDb is:
  • Integrated with blockchain wallets. Rainbow, Coinbase Wallet, MetaMask & WalletConnect.
  • A place to share IP usage of NFTs you own. NFDb is the IMDb of Web3 technology where the IP usage of NFTs can be showcased.
  • A place to communicate NFT value. The value of an NFT appreciates based on the context and impact of its intellectual property usage.

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