There are better solutions to wealth generation - our job is to reveal them to the world.


Visionaries identify future problems. We engineer future fintech solutions. We are software architects & engineers. We serve visionaries who can revolotionise and scale their industries.


Yknot has a reliable industry track-record and a global network of trusted relationships. We have successfully delivered solutions for customers within the renewable energy sector, digital asset tokenization and digital market place enablement.

Full-stack Software Development​

Our software engineers and full stack developers deliver clean code that is tech forward with full documentation. 

Research & Development

Our R&D team covers business development, brand development, finance & risk, business analysis & software architecture.

System Architecture & Audits

Our system architects are specialists with strategic vision and thorough knowledge of multiple tech stacks and designs.


Our design department covers UX & UI design – the way websites and apps display, as well as brand identity design.

Envision Process (Project Analysis)

We deliver requirements specifications, user stories, risk registers & well documented business processes.

Blockchain Engineering & Smart Contracts

Our blockchain engineers bring the best combination of Solidity and C++ blockchain engineering capability.


We are inspired by visionary leaders who contribute to society and revolutionise their industries.

As a software architecture & development organization, Yknot Blockchain Solutions spearheads the advancement of decentralised business solutions . With pre-launch commencing in late 2021, Yknot has an impeccable two- year record of product development. Block Producer, Liquidity pool exchange, launch pad, crowd source funding of class action law suits, Willing buyer / seller Renewable energy exchange and registry. — Yknot has demonstrated its commitment to cutting-edge technology.

Now expanding our focus to full solution architecture, Yknot places paramount importance on appropriate design choices that impact scalability and security. Today, Yknot continues to provide innovative solutions to the financial industry’s transition into Web 3.0 and pave the way for global adoption of decentralized business & financial solutions.


Our team has gained experience with some visionary customers. Here are a few of our latest adventures:

Fuel Switch - renewable energy certificate market & registry software

Yknot developed the entire platform, including: smart contracts, blockchain development, full-stack development, business analysis & brand identity design.

Everest Wealth - Investment Management

Yknot renders full-stack software development to Everest. We combine low-code solutions to improve internal systems.  

T-Swaps - Token swaps and token bridge

AMM token exchange and token bridge on Telos & Telos EVM. Yknot developed the entire platform, including smart contracts, blockchain development & brand identity design. 


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