We know the ropes when it comes to building blockchain-based solutions. Contact us to get all hands on deck for your next expedition.

Seamless Mobile dApps

We develop native apps/dApps for Android and iOS. We do integration with your back-end systems/blockchain ensuring your apps work seamlessly.

Blockchain-based Solutions

We offer a range of blockchain solutions such as data management, DeFi, crypto tokens, escrow facilities and digital wallets secured on public (Telos) or private blockchains.

DAO Establishment

We build integrated DAO software infrastructure that can automate administration, reduce overhead costs and maximise your ROI. Our DAO solutions can be used for various applications.

Smart Contract Solutions

We write trustworthy Smart Contract code to create digital contracts that are stored on the Telos blockchain. These contracts cannot be tampered with and are used to automate business processes and payments.

UX/UI Design

We design modern user-friendly interfaces for web and mobile websites, apps and dApps. Our services include User Experience design, wireframing, prototyping, and custom front-end CSS.

Software Solutions

We have developed of a broad range of tailor-made solutions for logistics, e-commerce, banking and finance, medical insurance, and aviation.

NFT Solutions

We solve complex business problems with the innovative application of NFT technology. These tokens can be used to represent investments, a seat at the table, a ticket to entry or access to certain services or offers.

Educational Resources

We write educational articles ranging from basic how-to guides to complex technical documentation for developers. Our solutions include content management and custom infographics.


Our team has gained experience on some epic projects. Here are a few of our latest adventures:

Fuel Switch

Green energy market - a decentralised exchange integrated with central Registries.


Custom platform built for crowdfunding class-action lawsuits.


ICO Launchpad


AMM token exchange on Telos

Telos EVM

The most powerful and scalable Ethereum Smart Contract platform available. Collaboration with Telos Core Development.


South African Rand stable-coin used on multiple platforms

Telos Web Wallet

Digital Wallet for tokens & NFTs on Telos and tEVM. Collaboration with Telos Core Development.

Telos Explorer

Block Explorer on Antelope. Collaboration with Telos Core Development.


The Yknot team is always on the move. We have places to be and things to see.

Telos Spark Hackathon

Yknot is part of the mentorship team on the first Telos EVM hackathon, running 6 Feb - 6 March 2022. Learn more...

Telos Blockchain

We have a strategic partnership with Telos. We are part of their extended crew. Read more about this incredible blockchain...

knowledge base


We create informative content for users to interact with Telos native, tEVM and the various wallets, signers and exchanges...

Yknot Block Producer

We are a standby block producer on the Telos blockchain. You can read more about our governance and protocol here...


If you have a question or would like more information please contact us by email