6.2 Blockchain development platforms (Part 2 of 2)

We would be able to compare blockchain development platforms to the wind, and the way it drives and empowers a sailing vessel. Although the vessel can steer itself, the wind provides a momentum that has a direct impact on the movement of the vessel.

9. Initial Coin Offerings

ICO is a popular fundraising model among companies, primarily start-ups, that are developing their offering of products and services, usually related to the blockchain space.

Your Treasure Chest

Your treasure chest – Telos Wallet When starting on this journey into the world of blockchain and the broader tokenomics, it can be quite confusing to get started. One of the questions people usually ask is, “How do I get started with blockchain and tokens?” Our answer is, the wallet!  Your wallet is the most […]


VMs can run on many different types of OS’s and hardware, making them the perfect engine for a decentralized ecosystem.