The potential of this vessel

We are 2 years into this voyage with our stakeholders – The Founders, Team, Investors and Clients.


This is an exclusive document to each invited investor. Thank you for keeping all information and strategies expounded herein confidential and for not distributing it to other parties.

If you’d like to share this document or the information herein with any other party, then permission in writing can be requested from us before doing so.


This document and all related documentation are prepared using estimates of high-risk prospective business start-up projects in the blockchain applications industry. The Founders and preparers of the information contained herein, are not able to provide assurance on the accuracy of forecasts and market opportunities on which the investment proposition is based. We continue to highlight the risks associated with our forecasts, being a start-up enterprise. As such we cannot guarantee outcomes to capital providers.

What is Yknot Invest?

A well-built boat – made to conquer the unknown
Dream Land

A pure DAO (Decentralised Autonomous Organisation) is a new organisational form that encodes management and operational rules of the organisation in smart contracts on a blockchain. The DAO operates autonomously on-chain without centralized authority or management hierarchy in the wild west of the Cryptoverse.


A world constrained by legal, regulatory and compliance requirements and obligations.
We Envision a NEW REALITY
The best of both worlds, fully legaly compliant international companies managed and run as closely as possible to a DAO.
We introduce a DAC a Distributed Autonomous Company.
Off-chain legal entities set up, to manage equity stakes, agreements and group treasury requirements, across all on- and off- chain commercial activities. Managed on Blockchain rails, with smart contracts and digital wallets with automated administration, maximising efficiency and ROI.
A brave new world full of Decentralised Autonomous Companies.

Our vision

Why we brave unchartered waters
Our Why

YKnot envision living a superabundant victorious life, bringing Glory to God while being of service to others.

Our How

We pioneer and create innovative intelligent decentralised digital and financial business solutions. Accessible to the widest possible global audience to ensure inclusive, restorative distribution of wealth.

Healthy ( Healthspan )
Wealthy ( Wealthspan)
Wise  ( Wisdom = knowledge + experience)

our roadmap

our roadmap

Ynot Blockchain Solutions – Software development house, to become a 100% subsidiary of Yknot Invest ( Mauritius )
  • We have an exceptional team of engineers (some with Masters level degrees in AI), smart contract programming expertise, process & project management and user application interface design skills.
  • In order to attract and retain talent, we have committed to put in place an incentive scheme that accrues value for the teams that are building out this business.
  • This young energetic team of leaders in the field are complimented by seasoned entrepreneurs in the technology sector.
The Yknot Invest private network
  • In addition to the Team of developers supporting business applications development on the globally decentralized blockchain platform, we have a growing network of entrepreneurial investors & clients who want to co-found blockchain business platforms and share an equity stake with us. To achieve this we will establish subsidiaries as needed to partner with entrepreneurs building on-chain solutions with our technology.
  • We are building a powerful blockchain business for international entrepreneurs and international blockchain business developers to collaborate and scale solutions using our chosen blockchain platforms, with aligned incentives.

Our incentive models therefore enables both on- and off- chain equity stakes for entrepreneurial co- founders and our Team.

Funding Requirements

Various rounds of funding will be required, each successive round will be at a higher price so although we dilute the value of your token holding will appreciate.

Seed Stage funding required US$ 500 000 ($2/Y-Token)

[NOTE : Fiat currency is used to illustrate values. Receipt, application and return of investor funds will be via on-chain digital capital such as USDT.]

The Y-Token

Your stake in the treasure

While your NFT gives you ‘a seat at the table’ (a right to participate with one (1) vote irrespective of investment amount), the amount of Y-Tokens you purchase will determine your share of the profits. [Purely for  ease of administration, where small amounts have been invested to allow exposure to the opportunity, we reserve the right to cluster investors in allied groups for one vote. As an illustration, % holds less than 0.5% could be added together for a cluster total of 1% per voting group]

You Own It

The only way to own a Y-Token is to purchase one.


NFTs will only be issued to Y Token holders.

Your Digital Wallet

Each NFT Holder will hold their Y-Tokens and accrue returns due.

A Growing Investment

The Y Tokens will grow in fair value unless significantly dilutive new Y Token funding is raised. Pre-emptive rights will allow for some anti-dilution protection.

These automated solutions, are commitments to you, and are in development during the seeding phase of this platform

Disclaimer: Y-Tokens will only be minted once the platform is developed.